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This is the living room or parlor where meetings took place between the Cresaps, George Washington, and Luther Martin, Maryland's first attorney general. From this room Captain Michael Cresap called for volunteers to fight with General Washington. All of the floorboards, doorways and mantles are original. The interior walls were also made of field stone.

Winding staircases are repeated through all four levels including the spacious attic. The finely milled trim differs on all four fireplace mantles, except for the cellar hearth which is field stone and brick. Outside the upstairs door of this room, soldiers escaped into the mountainside by way of a ramp that was originally attached to the house.

The upstairs rooms are large and gracious for a home of this period. The bedroom features a rope-tied bed, or a handyman's bed, which would have been filled with ticking of straw or leaves. The rug on the bed is a 17th century reverse loom wool, dyed with natural plants and berries. The chairs in this same room are from the Cresap family, and the lamp in the window is from a canal boat.

Michael built his house over a spring, located in the northeast corner of the basement. This front part of the basement served as a jail and the bars on the windows are original as well as the hand-hewn chestnut beams overhead.

Captain Michael Cresap led 140 riflemen to Boston to fight with General Washington. He died on his way home of a fever and was buried in the Trinity Church graveyard. The stone reads: "In Memory of Michael Cresap First Cap. Of the Rifle Batalions And Son of Col. Thomas Cresap Who Departed this/Life October the 18, 1775."

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