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Historic Oldtown

Jane Frazier returned to her home by way of Oldtown in 1755 after escaping her Indian captors. The citizenry held a parade in her honor and helped her reach her home in Wills Creek. Oldtown was the headquarters for the Second Regiment of the Potomac Home Guard in 1862. Confederates used the ford here retreating from the North.

This scene of early Oldtown shows a work boat on the C&O Canal and the Michael Cresap House which at that time sat across from The Pokomoke Rye saloon. It was here in Oldtown that the C&O Company kept their work crew boats, grass cutting machines, and their equipment for operating this end of the "long ditch."

Early Oldtown was a thriving little town. There was originally two saloons, a grocery store, an ice house, stables for rent, a shoe shop, a hat shop and a large tannery.

The steeple of St.Francis Catholic church shows in the background. The original water vessels from St. Francis are displayed in the museum. The Catholic cemetery and the Methodist cemetery are still side by side on Oldtown Cemetery Road. In this photo you can also see the foundation of where the original lock house #70 stood.

Jilla Diane Smith, President

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