The Irvin Allen/Michael Cresap Museum
19015 Opessa Street, Southeast
Oldtown, Maryland 21555-9702


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Welcome to the Irvin Allen/Michael Cresap Museum. This wonderful stone house was built in 1764 by Captain Michael Cresap, the first white male born in Allegany County, and the son of Colonel Thomas Cresap. Michael was a bold continental militia volunteer who proved himself on the western frontier and when called upon after Lexington and Concord led one hundred and forty riflemen from Oldtown to Boston, the first southern troops to report to General Washington. Enroute home from Boston he died of a fever and was buried in the Trinity Church graveyard in New York.

The brick portion of the house was built by Rev. John Jacobs in 1781. The house was saved from destruction by Rev. Irvin (Cy) Allen in 1961 when it was about to be demolished. Over the years Rev. Allen restored it and filled it with artifacts. We are a private, non-profit organization. All members on our professional staff are volunteers, and all donations are applied to the upkeep of the property.

We are open by appointment May through September and closed for the winter months. To schedule a visit, call us at 301-478-5848. We are open the fourth weekend of June for the Oldtown Summer Fest, and for selected events throughout the summer. Click on “Events and Messages” for current postings.

Jilla Diane Smith, President

    Judy Allen O'Hara, Secretary/Treasurer

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